Web Design & Online Marketing

  1. Client will receive up to three FREE homepage designs that are customized with their colors, logos, pictures.


  1. Client will be required to pay a 30% deposit on the total project estimated cost before we can provide any further services. After Client pays the deposit, we can provide unlimited design changes for the next 90 days. If at any point the Client decides to cancel the project, for any reason, the 30% deposit is never refundable. All prices for the project will be established on the separate‘Estimate’ document.


  1. All web projects are priced at 90-day turnaround time. Any client wishing to extend their 90-day term, must do so prior to paying the deposit so that the additional time can be allocated into the final project's estimated cost. The project period starts the day the deposit is received.


  1. The client may be required to supply aspects of the website's content, including but not limited to, pictures, logo, and content of text.


  1. Each Client will be assigned a specific Project Manager from South Florida Tech Group who will oversee the project from start to finish and whom will serve as a liaison between the Client and the multiple professionals who are involved on the back-end; such as our creative engineers, programmers, graphic designers, and web developers.


  1. Client will be submitted a complete "Site Link List" at least once every 5 business days. Client will be responsible for submitting back that same list with bulletted changes under each link, in a format such as;


  • Example Feedback 1
  • Example Feedback 2


  1. Our team will return all feedback to customer completed or with additional inquiry within 5 business days.


  1. Client must pay the balance of the site within 90 days from the start date. A penalty of 30% will automatically be added to any project that extends beyond its set deadline. After deadline, client will then be charged up to $100/hour for changes to the site thereafter.


  1. Upon completion, our team can aide in uploading the web project into any client provided host or we can host the project for the client at a cost of $250/year.


  1. Our team will provide physical copies of all files related to the web project via email, as well as can provide a hard copy DVD for $20 additional charge.


  1. All projects also come with a complimentary 1-hour advertising consultation with a professional online marketer to discuss next steps after the project is complete.